Windsurfing Island Miyako-jima

Do not be surprised to learn that Miyakojima is in a sister city relationship with the island of Maui; the island that many wind surfers often refer to as the “heartland” of wind surfing.

The two islands became sister cities in 1965 for their similarity in climate, weather, industry, and even population.

While there may be some snow left in much parts of Japan during the time of the event, Miyakojima maintains an average temperature of 17℃〜22.5℃.

Even during winter, Miyakojima considerably stays warm.

You can visit Miyakojima from the Haneda Airport in just about 2.5 hours.

There is no reason not to visit especially when you know that Defi Wind Japan is going on!

Maehama Beach

Miyakojima’s finest beach is also known as East Asia’s most beautiful beach. Alongside the beach stands the Tokyu Hotel & Resort, as well as other convenient facilities. Between the main event will be sub-events such as SUP competition and kite surfing demonstration. There will also be booths and stage performance throughout the event. You are guaranteed to experience the full festivity of the event.

Nishihama Beach

In just about 3-4km north of Maehama beach lies the hidden gem of Miyakojima, the Nishihama beach. This beach is known to be shallow with fine sand which allows people, including beginners, to safely enjoy water activity with barefoot. Fins may be damaged during low tide, so plan accordingly. Despite the fact of the beach being treated as a hidden gem, parking structures are currently under construction in order to accommodate for its growing popularity. The wind surfing race of the event is planned to be held here at the Nishihama Beach.

Sanitsuhama Beach

Situated on the southwestern part of Yonaha bay lies the Sanitsuhama beach. Due to its location, the beach stays calm with less wind than other parts of the island. The shallow water makes itself friendly to beginners, however you must be cautious of your fins during low tide.
2018年7月 明石の潮汐カレンダー
2018年7月 明石の潮汐カレンダー