Event overview

Event overview

The world famous wind surfing event Defi Wind will be held in a southern island of Japan, Miyakojima. Enjoy wind surfing, kite surfing, and SUP on the island that is just about on identical latitude as its sister city, the island of Maui. The venue takes place at the Maehama beach which is known to have East Asia’s most beautiful shore while the race kicks off at the Nishihama beach. Gather for this wonderful event not only to compete, but to experience the beauty of Miyakojima.

Maehama Beach

Rules are simple!

Competitors rush to the checkpoint located 10km off of shore, and return to where they began. Can’t get any simpler!

There will be live commentary, music, and food throughout the event. Everyone who attends is guaranteed to have an enjoyable time! Don’t miss out on this lively festival of ocean and wind!!


Venue name: Defi Wind Japan in Miyako 2019
When: Fri, February 28th – Sun, March 3rd 2019
Where: Yonaha Maehama/Nishihama Beach Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture
Organization: Committee of DEFI WIND JAPAN
Sponsors: LIGHTEC Inc.
Support: 宮古島マリンリゾート協同組合、宮古島ウィンドサーフィンクラブ, 宮古島市 宮古島観光協会、宮古島漁業協同組合、伊良部漁業協同組合、池間漁業協同組合、宮古テレビ、沖縄観光コンベンションビューロー 、沖縄県宮古事務所
Genre: Wind surfing, Kite surfing, SUP
2-13-9 Asakusabashi Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053, Japan

What is DefiWind?


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