Defi Wind

What is Defi-Wind?

Defi-wind is world’s largest wind surfing event held in Gruissan, France.
The event, which initially consisted of merely 16 participants, has marked its 18th anniversary this year, and is now acknowledged by the entire town. With its simplicity in rules and concepts, the race slowly attracted participants.
Today, more than thousand people gather every year!
Due to the fact that the event is for people who genuinely love wind surfing rather than for serious competitors, neither the PWA nor the ISAF are involved. However, Defi-wind attracts many people across Europe; some even call it the “Woodstock Festival” of wind surfing.


Woodstock Festival
Woodstock Festival is a music and art festival held in 1969. Approximately 400,000 people across America gathered for this historical event that represents American culture of this time.

Defi Wind 2017 Wrap Up

Le 18ème Défi Wind de Gruissan du 10 au 13 mai 2018

Defi Wind 2017 Wrap Up

Defi-wind also takes place in Bonaire, a southern Carribean island. On a breezy day with 15 to 30 knots of wind, 8 races were held at the Sorobon Beach Resort last year.

Defi Wind Japan

After prolonged negotiation, Defi wind was able to successfully host its first pre race in Asia last year. Despite the fact that the event did not fall on a holiday, 70 participants, not only within the country but across the world, participated. As Asia’s one and only event that operates under official Defi Wind license, Defi Wind Japan will be held next year, 2019 at Miyakojima (“The Maui of Japan”).


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