About Miyakojima

Sumary of Miyako Islands

Miyako Island s are sit uat ed in the center of th e Ryukyu arc, chained like a bow from the northeast to the southeast, and it is located at 24 degrees to 25 degrees north latitude, and 125 degrees to 126 degrees east longitude.
It is located of app roximately 290 km from the southwest of Ma inland Okinawa (Nah a City) , and approximately 133 km from the northeast of lshig akijima.
The whole island is generally level and low tableland, and even the highest point is only about 113 meters high.
Most of the stratum of Miyako Islands is comprised of Ryukyu limestone, coral reefs that have been geologically pushed up from deep within the earth, forming blocks with sandst one and shale that have overlapped each other. The widespread soil of t he island is alkalescent or neutral.


Miyakojima district has subtropical oceanic climate with hot and humid weather, and it is relatively warm in the winter. Wind that blows from the sea moderates intense heat in the summer.
It is warm through the four seasons, boasting an annual average temperature of 23.3 degrees (73.94F) and the annual average humidity become 79%.

It is the coldest days from January to February and the average of the minimum temperature is 15-16 degrees (59-60.8F) It is in the rainy season from around the middle of May to the end of June. After the rainy season is over, the full-blown summer has come, a heat and a tropical night last around September.
A strong typhoon tends to attack particularly around September during a typhoon season in summer and autumn.
When it comes to October, the morning and the evening are getting cooler.
“Flock of Grey-faced Buzzard”, which is a common feature of an autumn in
Miyakojima, come flying from the mainland Japan as a stop point for the winter in Southeast Asia.